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Welcome Home

Home is so much more than four walls and a roof

Columbus Homes video 1Home is a safe place to call your own. Home is where you matter. It’s the feeling of your favourite chair, the comfort of your own bed. It’s a cup of tea just the way you like it, the table your friends and family gather around. Home is where the best parts of life happen and we believe that everyone deserves the comfort of home.

50 years ago things were different

Columbus Homes video 2We noticed people in our community who were concerned, struggling to imagine what home was going to look like for them. People were unsure about where they were going to call home.

We believed that we could make a difference. We started to dream. We imagined homes that people would be proud to live at, in the heart of great neighbourhoods, next to parishes, and accessible to things that they would need. We imagined the common space, where friends could gather in community. We imagined affordable homes that allow them to invest in important things.

Columbus Hoes video 3We were committed to making it happen. It took hard work, prayer and the generosity of good people. We sold shamrocks to raise funds in pubs, on street corners and parishes. Our funding grew little by little.

In 1970 our dream came true: we opened our first home by Joyce Street. 50 years later we have 4 buildings across the Lower Mainland. Within these buildings over 250 seniors enjoy the comfort of quality affordable homes.

We are committed

Columbus Homes video 6To continue helping everyone in our community and beyond experience the comfort of home. We want to do this because we are knights, because we care about family. We put others first, we work together, we take care of the details. Carefully planning, raising funds, managing finances. We look out for the vulnerable.

We are Columbus Homes and your story continues here.